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Dennis Harmon, Social Security Lawyer
Alabama and Mississippi
I donít know why Social Security turns down disabled folksÖ I only know what to do about it!

Youíve got to get your case out of the hands of the people that turned it down and into the hands of a fair-minded judge who will take a new look at all the facts and law of your case. Youíve got to appeal.


Let me tell you what happened to you so you know how we will fight this denial. Year in and year out about 70% of folks who first apply for Social Security in Alabama get denied. So, when you applied, the odds were you would be turned down. The problem is that Social Security sent your file to a state agency called Disability Determination Services to do the work. These are the folks who turn down 70% who apply. We need get the case away from these people.

When you appeal, you move your case to a special group of judges who will take a fresh look at your case. When you get the judges, you have a much better chance of winning.

Warning: These judges are lawyers and most cases will go to a hearing. In other words, the appeal means dealing with lawyers and legal issues at a hearing where you must present evidence. And itís your responsibility to find and submit the evidence for your case. Social Security wonít do it all. Not a good place to be by yourself I would say.


Iíve been where you are now. At my last job as an engineer, I had a case when the company I worked for shut down in a recession and left the country. (History does repeat itself, doesnít it?) So there I was in Atlanta, no job, a bad economy and no one was hiring Ė but I needed a lawyer. I had to pay my lawyer $500 to start the case...still bothers me.

Well, I wonítdo that to you. Keep that startup money in your pocket. Iíll start the case on my dime.

In Social Security cases, I will pay all the expenses to prove the case. If we lose, you donít pay me back and you donít pay me for my time. If we win, the judge will set the fee, limited to 25% back pay and you can pay me back for what I spent on you. So, you risk nothing. Iíll put my money and my time on the line for you.

I will talk to you without any charge to see if you have a good case. Now, I donít take every case but youíll get my best take on the case. If I think I can help you, Iíll represent you. Whether you choose to hire me or someone else you need to know that no representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed by me is greater than the legal services performed by other lawyers

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Dennis Harmon, Social Security Lawyer
Alabama and Mississippi

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Iíve been through these fights and hearings for a big chunk of my 25 plus years in the law. Iíll do all the work for you:
1) collecting the evidence you need Ė the Social Security office doesnít get it all
2) presenting the evidence;
3) appealing the case with all its paperwork and rules;
4) going to the hearing as your lawyer to speak for you .
Iíll do this and put my money up front. If I can make it any fairer, somebody let me know.

This is what you do Ė call us nowÖ
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For the Tuscaloosa office in the RBC Centura Bank Building on the corner of Greensboro and University.

Hurry Ė you could lose your case if you wait Call today. When youíve been denied, time limits start running. If the time runs out, there are rules that let you appeal if you have a good reason but this doesnít always work. If youíre late, let me know when you call. But call now so we can get your case moving.

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Disclaimer: No representation is made that the quality of legal service to be performed is greater than the legal services provided by other lawyers." and "Free background information available upon request."

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