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 Accident Injury and Social Security


Lets See About Putting Your

 Car Accident and

Social Security Together

    I've been working on these together for years. Oddly enough, I even enjoy the work when folks are badly, badly hurt and need me for both things at the same time. These are people I can work and help these folks - you perhaps, call me. We can make your car accident injuries and Social Security come together for you when you're badly hurt.

     Now I can do both car accidents and Social Security. Most times I do both parts which helps putting things together. I have sometimes taken the Social Security because the folks had a car accident lawyer who didn't keep up with Social Security. Sometimes the first guy can't do car accidents but has opened the car case. That's cool. Confusing but I'll help whatever folks need.    

    You can start car accident and Social Security about the same time. If you're going to be out of action because of a car crash and injury that's really long - lets say six months or more - we need to move on Social Security.

     To get Social Security you have to be down longer than six months - a year actually - to win but not every really bad injury heals for back to work in six months. For a really bad injury anywhere on your body ask for Social Security. That case is going to take at least a year and a half to do anyway so you need to get in line for this money if your problems are worse than folks tell you right now.

     That's also my idea on the car case and the injury there. Don't settle really fast without something odd and exceptional for now. An insurance will generally want an early payment in a serious case. Why? Because they want to pay as little as possible until the the full care by the doctor will not decide what it will take for you to heal completely. The insurance wants fast so everything wrong can be passed by. Hold on. Sit tight. Wait. Look over your injuries.

     That's the short look. With the facts call me any time and I'll see what I can do. If you already have a lawyer, call them if they represent you on the case. Changing is generally not good. But if there is no lawyer and you're in the middle of a bunch of federal and state lawyers, might want to call me. 662-328-9365