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For ages 50 to 54,  Tuscaloosa Social Security Disability Lawyer  to use the law to help your case

I'm with you on this. I'm 60. If a brain tumor had gone a different way a few years ago when I was 56, I would be using this rule myself. I know where you are. I thought I would  have to go to these rules myself. With a really good surgeon in Chicago and good follow-up care in Birmingham (the story of the Good Samaritan starts with somebody on the road needing help - like me), I can be a Social Security Disability lawyer in Tuscaloosa who can help you when you use Social Security disability law to help you.

The older we get, the harder it is to start over. Lose a job, skill or something you know how to do because of injury and illness and it's hard to find a new way to make a living. Social Security disability law says this is true but for the life of me, I have trouble understanding why the gnomes inside the back rooms who examine this case don't seem to understand this. I'm always seeing  folks denied when the Social Security disability law, rules and regulations say they are disabled when they are 50-54.

The best I can figure is training and orders for the folks who actually look at these cases. It's not Social Security Disability. It's a group called Disability Determination Services, DDS, which is part of the Alabama Department of Education. Every state has one of these working under Social Security and every one denies having a quota to accept and deny. Maybe I'm just a cynical old trial lawyer born on the wrong side of the tracks but if every state in the Union denies 70% of the folks who apply, give or take a few, then I have trouble buying that denial. Not to mention any bureaucrat is safe to say no and let the problem be kicked to someone else but they could get in trouble for granting disability by mistake. So, they deny the Social Security disability claim.

There is an answer to this. There is a way to use the rules so you can get disability insurance - yes insurance, you paid in when you worked. You are due under the law to be able to pay your bills and live with dignity. You are due to medical care whether it be medicaid or medicare or both to see doctors, therapists and hospitals for your problems that disable you. This is the life promised you when the government took money out of your paycheck. You are due your money now to live and have medical care. There is a better life promised  to you under the law when you meet Social Security disability standards.

For ages 50, 51, 52, 53, and 54 here's the key standard for your Social Security disability lawyer to prove: 1) you cannot return to your past work, 2) you are confined to light work or less - say no repetitive lifting of 20 pounds, little standing or walking, and 3) you have no skills that transfer at all or without at least a fair amount of training. If you meet disability standards and these three things are true, you are disabled. Somebody 18-49 would not be disabled if these three are true but if you are 50, 51, 52, 53, or 54, you are disabled. Your lawyer can get in the weeds to prove the Social Security disability case  if the evidence can be found, mostly medical evidence. This is what Social Security disability lawyers like me do in Tuscaloosa.

If you think you meet these limits or you're not completely sure, I want you to call me at
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Social Security Disability has rules for folks who are 50 to 54 that make it easier to win your disability case. " Dennis Harmon, Social Security Lawyer, Columbus, Mississippi

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