If you developed ovarian cancer and used talc over the years, it's time to call a lawyer.

    There are pending class actions where you can join. If these are successful then you my be able to recover money damages to provide for yourself or your family. We can also hope to make some changes in the industry so that others will not suffer as you and your family has suffered, is suffering  and will suffer. Medical bills including cancer are a major cause of bankruptcy and this suffering. So, if you have cancer you already know how money has become an issue in your life.

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    I've said this will be a class action. This means women from all over the country will be heard in a combined case. This also  means there will be many lawyers involved and I will work with other lawyers on your case. Your money will not change. No matter how many lawyers are involved your portion remains the same. But working with multiple lawyers like this means we can pool our work on your case to match the large companies and their resources, that is the money they got selling talc to millions of women and using the money to defend themselves now.  There is wisdom in joining forces but you will always be able to come to me in Carrollton or if you would rather in Columbus or Tuscaloosa.  No matter how combined or where a court sits, you will have your local lawyer where you can find him and talk to him.

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Talc's relationship to cancer.
    According to the International Journal of Cancer, May 1992, the first reported link between talc and ovarian cancer came out in 1982. If a woman didn't know about this, then she could have been using talc as part of feminine hygiene for thirty-three years now without any hint that she might be causing cancer in her ovaries.

    The journal Cancer in 1997 reported researchers finding talc in 75% of ovarian cancers studied. For that matter talc, which is chemically related to asbestos, has long been suspected of causing other cancers. (Cancer, 1997)

    Talc makes it to the ovaries in  a simple way.  As The Journal of Epidemiology states in vol. 145, 1997  "... exposure from perineal  dusting contributes to the development of ovarian cancer." This means genital hygiene of dusting directly, dusting sanitary napkins or undergarments is enough to link ovarian cancer to the talc.

(International Journal of Cancer, May 1999.)

    About 26,000 women develop ovarian cancer each year, the most fatal gynecological malignancy.  ( Cancer, June, 1997) There is no reason to take these kind of risks by using talc. Stop using it now as  part of your feminine hygiene practice. There is no reason to throw away a life by using the stuff.

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