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The car has crashed. I have to use the law to make things better for you.

Question 1: What is your problem with the accident?

Either on the phone or here, you're checking for the solution you need. It's here. The injuries started your problems. Your doctors are trying to solve the medical problems. Lawyers like me deal with injured peoples problems and are here to help you right now. The other side is not always that way. Those insurance companies and defenders may want to make sure the money owed you is blocked or give you as little as possible. The lawyer you need to deal with them must be a credible and experienced one who has acclaimed breakthroughs for others like you.

You understand you have many problems that someone has caused for you with your crash or other injury cause. You need to take care of yourself, it's you and the doctors.


To get your money from the other persons insurance company and your own is one of the problems that needs solving.  That's where your problem is now. Working on insurance issues yourself can be very stressful for you.

Question 2: Why hasn't your problem with injury and insurance not been solved now?

You haven't solved your problems yet or you wouldn't  be here reading this. You haven't used phenomenal tactics that car accident lawyers use in their work.  The insurance on the other side wants to pay you little to no money at all to keep from paying you the maximum. Your lawyer wants you to do better - actually best - for the money and care owed to you. How much do you think you will get doing things on your own versus using an experienced lawyer who still finds fun in using proven techniques?

The insurance company folks working on your case are often  the ones who owe you money. Do you honestly think the insurance company wants to pay out to you the maximum you can get or do you think these folks want to save themselves money? A lawyer for you defends your side to make sure you're treated fairly. I have been a  lawyer for the injured for over thirty years, who's on your side, which is what you need right away.

Question 3: What is possible in your case?

Take a breath or two now. Don't panic. Think with me for a bit. In injury, you still need the doctor to care for your injury as much as possible but you don't know how long you will need to continue seeing doctors. The lawyer is working to see doctors can help you and that your family gets the help they need too in dealing with your injury. It could be terrible  permanent injuries, it takes time to find out about these things. The lawyer like me tries to get the most for medical care, survival income (Social Security  also here?)  and will help you deal with the worst problems created by severe injuries. For lighter injuries, we try to move the fastest for you so we move you back to dealing with your issues.

We will work step by step together to deal with each of your problems created by your accident or injury.

Question 4: What is different for you now?

This is where  we keep working to get  your case going in the right direction to make sure you are getting the best medical treatment for your injury. Law and insurance should not be something you have to deal with while you are trying to heal. Getting proper medical care is work enough for you to deal with - let the lawyer do the law work for you.

You're talking to a lawyer now. You have numbers to call right now.

662-328-9365   or email  Since I have practiced this for more than 30 years in all types of courts in Mississippi  and Alabama - I am ready to go to work for you. I have some ideas that often can improve your case and make it more generous even than before going to a trial if done correctly.

Since I was a mechanical engineer before I was a lawyer, I tend to approach the way towards winning and understand and explain things to folks with a little different perspective for accident cases. I don't claim other folks don't do as well. I'm just telling how I will think and plan. I'm also an old debate coach from Ole Miss which tends to make me see other ways of looking at cases. Hard core work all along.

This is the difference in my way of looking at things. Call if that interests you or you need more questions answered.

Question 5: What should you do now?

I can do the work but you have to tell me to do it. The faster you bring me in the faster things can improve for you. I remove obstacles for you and can get a fair settlement for you and prepare for trial if needed. If you are ready to have someone on your side who can handle your case, call or send a note here. Same if you still have questions.

What I can tell you is that the faster a lawyer comes on your side the better. You need a lawyer before the other sides insurance company against you  can start taking advantage of you. If they have already done that,  call to see what we can do to turn things around for you for the better before you settle your case. If we can start for you before they call and talk to you, all the better. 

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Your car accident can even go worse with the other insurance

    I've been a Tuscaloosa car accident lawyer in Tuscaloosa for quite a while, I've practiced for more than thirty years helping the injured folks. After thirty years,  insurance handles injury cases a whole lot differently than they did in those early years.   If you want a lawyer to challenge the insurance on the other side, call now. If you want to know the car accident work I do and problems for you in Tuscaloosa, keep reading and call me as questions come to you.
   The problem you face is the other person's insurance. Talk to your insurance person anytime. Your company is generally on your side.  The other insurance company is looking to help itself and maybe its insurance owner but they are not on your side. That insurance company  calls you to get answers from you - it is best for them to do that as it helps  them save  money or may even block you entirely from getting any. So my first suggestion to you is to call a lawyer - me or someone else - and talk with them before you ever talk to the other insurance company. Do not start talking to the other side's insurance until you have some advice. If you tell the other insurance company the wrong things, the wrong way or wrong information, you will  hurt yourself right away.  The insurance person will limit or block your money if you give them a way they can. 

   For Tuscaloosa, like any other town, insurance companies  have computer programs with information of  settlements and jury verdicts. So, the computers tell the insurance what  your case is worth to them. The computer tells the insurance worker what it can pay you.  So, here's what happens: 1) you give info to the computer, 2) the computer takes your case to match its cases, 3)  the computer then tells the insurance person how much it can pay you. Insurance will deal with you on what the computers say about Tuscaloosa car accidents or anywhere the injury accident happened.  Your case is just one more  car accident mixed together and judged by a computer. And, that is done in large part by evidence you offer early on the phone when they call you.

    When you are in an auto accident  in Tuscaloosa and West Alabama,  these insurance companies try to get to you as fast as they can for a statement by you. It can use the statement from you to put your injury in the lowest category for the computers and offer you the bare minimum.   It's also trying to take whatever you say to  keep the car accident pay lower. If you have already done this, you really do need a lawyer to straighten this out for you.

     If you can, wait until you have a car accident lawyer before you give a recorded statement to the insurance company.   Otherwise, the insurance company that is against you will create a record  by their trained person against you. It can be used against you in court or  hammer down the value of your case in a settlement.  

    Don't settle until your doctor has cleared you because you're as good as you can get. If you have permanent injury now, don't settle until everything is proven.  If you settle early, you can't go back if the injury is worse than it first appeared or it takes you longer to heal than expected. Insurance companies  should pay for future pain and suffering as well as future medical bills and loss of income if this applies. But, if you settle, the case ends. Don't do that too soon. Talk to me at my Tuscaloosa law office (or some other competent lawyer) before signing the papers to settle the case.

    This is just the beginning of the car accident case where you have been injured. Actually, this is only the first few days while you are still hurting and taking pain medicines. It gets more complicated and involved as the case goes on. The claims adjusters calling you are getting a head start on preparing their case. You will have to prepare your own case or have someone help you to prove to the insurance company how badly you were hurt. The insurance company is not really sympathetic to you but it does have to pay attention to the evidence a judge or jury might see. More than 99% of these cases settle somewhere down the line but they will settle based on what can be proven. What is needed to prove a case and how to get the evidence is what a lawyer routinely does.

    The next steps, if done right, are building the best case to match the insurance companies. This means proving all the damages to you fairly and justly. Nothing fancy, just hard solid work backed by knowledge of the law is what you need so that an injured person is treated fairly. 

    If this makes sense to you, call now. Even if you have already started trying to work on your own case with the insurance company, we  will see where to go next. The consultation is free. If you want to hire me, fine we'll talk about that beginning without payment so lets see what you need.

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